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Excellence in Education

Seminars held by Independent Audiologists Australia

No Date Location Topic Convenor
 62 2022 OnlineBusiness Bootcamp  Dr Tegan Keogh
 61 2021 Online IAA Human Resources Webinar Series Dr Tegan Keogh
 60 2021 Online NDIS What's Working and What's Not Dr Tegan Keogh
 59  2020 Online AuDacity 2020: Forge Ahead and Forge Ahead Down Under ADA, IAA and IANZ
 58 2020 University of Technology Sydney 2020 Audition: changing the game
Online and in person event
 Dr Tegan Keogh
 2019 Coolangatta QLD
 Hearables & Over the Counter Devices: How will they change my audiology business
 Grant Collins
 56 2019Mooloolaba QLD Aural Rehabilitation Master Class for IAA Members Presented by Dr Brent Spehar
 55 2019Mooloolaba QLD Hearing in Noise  Dr Tegan Keogh
 54 2018 Melbourne, VIC
 Practice Management
 Wesley Ong
 53 2018 Webinar Patient decision aids
 IAA webinar presented by  Dr Chris Whitfeld
 2018 Sydney, NSW
 Making Contemporary Clinical Audiological Decisions
 Deborah Pallett and Dr Celene McNeill
 51 2017 Melbourne, Vic
 Price Matters
 Grant Collins and Myriam Westcott
 50 2017 WebinarSmartphone Apps for independent audiology practices
 Combined ADA/IAA webinar
49 2017 Port Macquarie,    NSW Hearing and Deafness in Children:  Identity,  Trust and Technology Mel Gray-Thompson
48 2016 Brisbane, Qld Employment Matters Sharyn Lim
47 2016 Sydney, NSW Patient Centred Audiologic Care Peter Altidis
46 2015 Melbourne, Vic Tinnitus, Misophonia and Hyperacusis Dr Ross Dineen & Myriam Westcott
45 2015 Webinar Aural Rehabilitation Co-convened by Independent Audiologists Australia and Academy of Doctors of Audiology
44 2015 Wellington, NZ Independence Matters: Professionalism in Healthcare Co-convened by Independent Audiologists Australia and Independent Audiologists New Zealand
43 2015 Melbourne, Vic Aural Rehabilitation: Essential Tools for Clinical Practice – Master Classes delivered by Dr Chyrisse Heine Dr Chyrisse Heine
42 2014 Sydney, NSW Beyond The Audiogram: Revisiting Audiologic Assessment with keynote presenter, Prof James W Hall III Dr Celene McNeill
41 2014 Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne Audiologic Care for Aging Adults – Master Classes delivered by Prof Kathy Pichora Fuller and Marilyn Reed Dr Ross Dineen / Peter Altidis/ Louise Collingridge
40 2014 Williamstown, Vic Promoting Audiology in the Digital Era Dr Ross Dineen / Julian Hinvest
39 2013 Sydney,NSW Hearing & Cognition: Theory, Research and Practice Peter Altidis
38 2013 Melbourne, Vic Front Office Staff Training offered by Nolene Nielson Dr Ross Dineen
37 2013 Canberra, ACT Public and Private Funding of Audiology in Australia Dr William Vass
36 2012 Sydney, NSW Vestibular Function: Order & Disorder – Master Class Dr Celene McNeill
35 2012 Melbourne,Vic Auditory Processing Disorders: Contemporary Theory & Practice Peter Altidis
34 2012 Hobart,Tas Private Practice in the 21st Century Tricia Sharples / Dr Ross Dineen
33 2011 Brisbane,Qld Music To Your Ears: Exploring The Relationship Between Music & Audiology Steve Grayson-Riley
32 2011 Melbourne, Vic Master Class – Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Dr Ross Dineen
31 2011 Lorne, Vic Making Waves: Evidence Based Clinical Practice and Strategies to Achieve Better Outcomes Dirk de Moore
30 2010 Brighton, Vic Finding yourself on the Internet Dr Ross Dineen
29 2010 Sydney, NSW Diagnosis and Management of Complex Audiological Conditions Dr Ross Dineen
28 2010 Darwin, NT Master Class – Beyond the Audiometer: Indigenous Hearing Health Dr Judith Boswell
27 2009 Melbourne,Vic Staff Training Level 1 Nolene Nielson
26 2009 Couran Cove,Qld It’s not about the Product – it’s about the Service Dr Ross Dineen
25 2008 Melbourne Vic CAPD Future Directions Dr Ross Dineen
24 2008 Brighton Vic Securing the Future of Private Practice: a forum Peter Altidis
23 2006 Hobart,Tas Growing Your Business – Marketing
Strategies for Hearing Clinics
Tricia Sharples
22 2006 Sydney, NSW Planning & Developing Your Business Dr Celene McNeill
21 2005 Darwin, NT Financial Dynamics – Master Class Suzanne Strapp
20 2005 Werribee Picking the Right People & Keeping Them – HR in the Hearing Clinic Dirk de Moore
19 2004 Melbourne Staying Small & Successful Dirk de Moore
18 2003 Barossa Valley, SA Entwining: relationships in clinical practice Peter Altidis/ Dr Janice Milhinch
17 2003 Uluru, N.T. Getting In and Getting Out – Start-up and exit
Strategies for Audiologists.
Vivienne Sobon
16 2002 Daylesford, Vic The Path to Growth & Success Dirk de Moore / Lyn Kyriakos
15 2001 Busselton, WA Adventures in Auditory Physiology with a Pinot Perspective Suzanne Strapp
14 2001 Brisbane, Qld Professional Support Staff Training – Level 2 Nolene Nielson
13 2000 Bendigo, Vic Practice Management/ Computer Software for Hearing Clinics Dirk de Moore
12 2000 Cairns, Qld Health, Wealth & Happiness Geoff Lewis
11 2000 Brisbane, Qld Professional Support Staff Training – Level 1 Nolene Nielson
10 1999 Fiji Good Decisions in Clinical Practice Dr Janice Milhinch
9 1998 Brisbane, Qld Professional Support Staff training & In-House Repairs and Modifications Nolene Nielson / Dr William Tonisson
8 1998 Hobart, Tas Market or Cark It! Securing your future Susan Grenness
7 1997 Darwin, NT The Near Canal: Audiological Management of the Ear Canal Suzanne Strapp
6 1997 Cape Schanck, Vic Computers in Audiological Practice Dr William Tonisson
5 1995 Queenstown, NZ Seeking Excellence in Audiological Practice – Who Sets the Standards? (AAAPP and NZAS) Dr Janice Milhinch/Peter Hutson
4 1993 Cairns, Qld Hearing Hertz – Audiological Appraisal, Assessment
and Rehabilitation in the Workplace
Neil Clutterbuck
3 1991 Melbourne, Vic Tinnitus: Assessment and Rehabilitation Sue Clutterbuck
2 1989 McLaren Vale, SA Private Practice: Clinical Skills are Not Enough Dr Janice Milhinch
1 1987 Melbourne, Vic In-the-ear Hearing Aid Fitting Workshop Dr Janice Milhinch
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