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What we do

  1. IAA  offers advice on request and assists the public to find an independent audiologist. 
  2. Networking opportunities between independent audiologists who are operating their own practices.
  3. Advocacy for independent audiologists in policy discussions  -  providing an avenue for like minded audiologists to group together and communicate with hearing device manufacturers, the Government’s health department and other bodies.
  4. Education for audiologists and allied professionals through our Excellence in Education programme.
  5. Liaison with community /consumer group.
  6. Meet with  other professional bodies (local and international) representing the interests of audiologists.
  7. Tracking and participation in government inquiries and discussions put forward by funding bodies such as  the Office of Hearing Services, Medicare and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  8. Unbiased information on the profession of audiology to medical and  allied health practitioners and members of the public.
  9. News and noteworthy developments in the field of audiology and related matters.
  10. Opportunities for members to contribute to all association policies  and commentaries.
  11. Promotion of family-focussed  comprehensive evidence based audiological service .


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