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Independent Audiologists Australia Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct


  1. A patient may be referred to an IAA member by another healthcare practitioner or may be recommended by word of mouth.  Patients may be seen without referral.
  2. If evident that a patient’s needs would be better met by seeking the care of another practitioner, the patient should be referred to an appropriate specialist.  The audiologist must be clear that any patient may attend a practitioner of his or her own choice.  A letter setting out any relevant information should be provided.
  3. Where a patient requires referral to another person, both parties can independently charge fees for services provided.
  4. No fees are paid to third parties for referrals or recommendations.


  1. Reports are signed by the attending practitioner and clearly show the name and contact details of the clinic.
  2. Any documents signed by IAA members in their professional capacity are checked for accuracy. 
  3. Statements of fact and expressions of opinion are clearly differentiated.
  4. Patients have the right to be provided with a copy of any relevant report on request.

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