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Sponsorship Agreement

All sponsors of IAA agree to the following terms & benefits

1. Sponsorship ($9 500.00 plus GST) is for the period ending 30 June 2018.
Payment by direct deposit to Independent Audiologists Australia Inc is accepted. Contact IAA for account details.

2. If you are sponsoring Independent Audiologists Australia for the first time, or if your company logo has changed in the past 12 months, please send your company logo as a jpg or png file to: exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
Your company logo will be uploaded to our website.

3. Send details of your preferred contact person and their contact details (telephone and email) to exec@independentaudiologists.net.au

4. Send documents or website links that your company wishes to have uploaded to the Independent Audiologists Australia website (members only section) to exec@independentaudiologists.net.au

5. Your company will be invited to renew your sponsorship for events being held in 2018 and beyond.

6. Sponsorship is neither binding nor restrictive on the policies, associations, membership, practices or other sources of funding of Independent Audiologists Australia.

7. Sponsorship of Independent Audiologists Australia provides an excellent opportunity for your company to be associated with a leading and growing professional association that supports and promotes independence, ethical and best audiological practice.

For further information please contact exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
or call 0424 720 915.

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